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Are you dreaming of a green roof? - Thanks to our new XERO FLOR system,you can now realize your dream, either on your new house or while renovating your older building. Your roof will be durable, easy to finance, and low in maintenance costs.

Medieval castles, airports, Roman fortresses, family homes, Scandinavian holiday homes, carports, plane hangars, garages, factories, hotels, name it! There is no limit to where you can install our XERO FLOR system.

Our Extensive (easy-to-maintain) XERO FLOR roofs consist of a self-sustaining vegetation that can comply with a dry climate very well. This vegetation quickly develops a closed and dense covering  on a minimum of nourishing substratum. This means that even light-weight roof-constructions offering low statics can be cultivated with a natural covering of low grasses, wild herbs, bushes, shrubs and mosses.

Depending on the thickness of the substratum and the plants involved, your green roof will weigh from 35kg to 200kg per square metre. This means that practically any roof, flat or steep up to an incline 45 degrees can be changed to a green roof.

The cost of planing, constructing and maintaining such a roof can easily be compared with the usual costs of a standard roof.

We also offer complete "roof landscapes" with an elaborate vegetation (we call them 'intensive'), which would of course demand more exstensive care. They comprise a substratum layer of 15 cms, watering systems and for example, instant lawns, shrubs, or even ponds with bridges. This type of landscape would be ideal for subterranean garages.

Help make our cities greener!

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