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Our Salesprogram

Rolled lawn & Noise Protection

XERO FLOR pre-cultivated lawn:

Makes a good impression where ever you use it; along streets, in gardens, for sports-fields and landscape gardening. It is easy and unproblematical to install, robust and easy to maintain.  

XERO FLOR noise-protection:

Green noise protection is extremely easy to maintain. We offer different types of noise-protective walls, depending on situation and particular requirements They are green and based on Moss/Sedum or Grass/Herb combinations

XERO FLOR Street Mats:

These green mats help ban grey from the middle-stripes or embankments of streets, making them more pleasant in aspect and safer for traffic.

The green street mats are cultivated with Moss/Sedum and achieve a thickness of 2-5 cms. They are much nicer than asphalt, concrete or flags!

GRUEN DACH Vegetation-boxes

An easy and unproblematical method to make slanted roofs green. The plants rapidly develop and cover the complete roof area in no time.

The plant community exclusively roots in the boxes, so the roof is nor affected. The containers can be additionally installed with watering-facilities or water reservoirs.

GRUEN DACH green roof-gutters

Inclined tiled roofs can be made green by this method. A conventional gutter is superficial, old defect gutters can be removed and replaced by our new version. The new construction can not be cluttered by foliage and is invisible except for its green plants that flower in Spring and Summer.

The complete GRUEN DACH service program, combined with advice and sale:

Green housefronts, garden design, tree-care/repair/pruning, clarification basins, water cisterns, watering, fences, paths, ponds