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Technological Details

The construction

A layered construction forms the basis for extensive and intensive cultivation.
Our XERO FLOR system combines substratum and vegetation to a biological unity.


Different types of cultivations combine different plant communities. These communities require certain substratum thicknesses. The choice of vegetation depends on the statics of the given roof. Further reasons for a certain choice: the roof's incline, the condition in which it is, the type of construction and - last, but not least - the personal taste of our customers.

The XERO TERR substratum

This substratum serves to carry, hold and nourish the plants. It is pre-integrated in our vegetation-mats. It can also be applied separately if required.

The filtering layer 

It consists of a fleece-mat and protects the draining layer from fine particles from the upper layers.

The draining layer

The draining layer guides surplus water downwards, airs the rooted area and improves the roof's isolation.

The root-protective layer

The impenetrable and incorrosible root-protective layer guards from ingrowing roots and permits surplus water to drain away.

Seperating layer

This layer is only used if the materials of the roof's isolation and the root-protective layer do not agree or if the bearing construction is in any way deficient.